Our Methodology

Our methodology employs traditional pedagogy, which is characterized by gradualness. Students analytically read a textbook with their teacher, with specific learning goals for each level of study.

Live online lessons are conducted once or twice weekly, with recordings made available for review. Study is part-time (nine credit hours per term), year-round (with the exception of Ramadan), and designed to be completed over the course of four years, each year divided into four terms. Students also have the option of taking individual courses.

Participation in class discussions is essential. Students are assessed orally and are permitted to progress after sufficiently demonstrating a grasp of the text being read. They are also expected to read supplementary texts assigned by the teacher in order to prepare for discussing the subject matter. Instruction is in both English and Arabic, with Arabic reading a requirement for some intermediate courses and for all advanced courses.

Our courses are intended to open the mind of the student to the ocean of revelation, and to imbue him or her with the spirit of our Righteous Predecessors in both knowledge and practice. At the introductory level, students are familiarized with the key terms and conceptual frameworks of the science, with the intent of ultimately being able to convey the understanding of those concepts to others. At the intermediate level, students focus more heavily on connecting the key terms and conceptual frameworks to the primary evidences of the most relied upon opinions of the issues studied. At the advanced level, students engage the sciences by applying the principles of each respective discipline in relation to the various ways that the evidences may be interpreted. Our curriculum is built around the study of belief, and the three divisions of the Islamic sciences (tafsir, hadith, and fiqh) with their tools.