Islamic Studies Diploma

The one-year Islamic Studies Diploma course is designed for beginners and is divided into five parts:

Part One: Belief and Fiqh of Purification & Prayer

Part Two: Usul al-Fiqh and Fiqh of Zakat, Fasting, & Hajj

Part Three: Hadith Terminology and Fiqh of Transactions

Part Four: Hadith Narration and Fiqh of Marriage

Part Five: Intro to Tafsir and Fiqh of Governance & Arbitration

Students complete the following texts:

Belief: Qala’id al-‘Iqyan

Fiqh: Ghayat al-Ikhtisar

Hadith Terminology: Nukhbat al-Fikar

Hadith Narration: The 40 Hadith of an-Nawawi

Tafsir: Short Surahs from Tafsir al-Jalalayn

Usul al-Fiqh: Sharh al-Waraqat