Legal Theory أصول الفقه

Sharh al-Waraqat شرح الورقات

Lesson One: Introduction Part One المقدمة


Lesson One: Introduction Part Two


Lesson Two: Legal Rulings الأحكام


Lesson Three: Divisions of Speech أقسام الكلام


Lesson Four: Commands and Prohibitions الأمر و النهي


Lesson Five: General Wordings and Specific Wordings العام و الخاص


Lesson Six: Obscure Wordings and Clear Wordings المجمل و المبين


Lesson Seven: Prophetic Actions الأفعال


Lesson Eight: The Abrogating and the Abrogated الناسخ و المنسوخ

Note: At the 34:50 mark, there is a slip of the tongue. Stillness is a requirement for the validity of the prayer, not for ablution.


Lesson Nine: Conflicting Evidence التعارض


Lesson Ten: Scholarly Consensus and Reports الإجماع و الأخبار


Lesson Eleven: Analogy القياس


Lesson Twelve: Proscription and Allowance الحظر و الإباحة


Lesson Thirteen: Prioritizing Evidences, Giving & Seeking Fatwas, Following Precedent ترتيب الأدلة، المفتي و المستفتي، التقليد


Lesson Fourteen: Independent Legal Scholarship الإجتهاد


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