Degree Programs

The Bachelor of Arts in the Islamic Sciences program is 141 credit hours, all courses being three credit hours each. For Law and Legal Theory courses, students specialize in one of the four Sunni schools of law. This program is ideal for those seeking a position as an imam or chaplain, those seeking qualification as a mufti, or those who are aspiring scholars. Prospective students with no previous study of the Islamic sciences are required to complete the one-year Islamic Studies diploma program or its equivalent at another institution (or with a teacher) before being accepted to the undergraduate level.

Our advanced, two-year Master of Arts in the Islamic Sciences program is for students who wish to advance their studies after having attained a Bachelor’s degree in the Islamic Sciences from Saladin Islamic Seminary or an equivalent qualification from another institution, or after having demonstrated (through oral examination) a proficiency in the given subject matter based on previous study in a traditional fashion. The language of instruction for all courses is Arabic.

Note: Currently, all courses on Law and Legal Theory are according to the Hanafi and Shafi’i schools. Students interested in the Maliki school of law or Arabic grammar may take courses at Fayda Institute ( and receive credit at Saladin Islamic Seminary. The Hanbali school will be added in the near future, insha’ Allah.